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The Merry Beggars wins National Media Awards

For "Outstanding Artistic Achievement"

Last week, The Merry Beggars won two Gabriel Awards for Best Overall Podcast and Best Podcast Series.

Joan of Arc

The girl who saved France.

Christmas, Live!

Watch the live radio Christmas show!

The Saints

Discover the heroes who changed the world.

On the Night Train

Experience the 1879 train adventure across historic America!

Our Mission

Good Stories. Real Virtue. Strong Families.

Most entertainment undermines faith and virtue, making it exhausting for Christian families to find trusted sources for family entertainment.

At The Merry Beggars, we create original entertainment that is rooted in the Christian faith so that families can build homes full of adventure, joy, and faith.

The impact of Good Stories

Audience Stories



"My children LOVE listening to the show! They can't wait to hear the latest episode. Great work on such an entertaining and faith-filled program."



"Each and every episode is spot on. I laugh, cry and get caught up in the story line. Thank you for bringing the power of Christ's message to the world."



"My boys are asking for the next episode every time we drive somewhere, that's a huge compliment for something that 'Mom wants to listen to.’"

Feed Their Souls

10 Incredible Classics to Read Aloud to Children

Get 10 top recommendations from The Merry Beggars for books to read aloud to your children and make their souls come alive.