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April 12, 2024

Clare: The Poor Lady of Assisi

April 12, 2024
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Poor Ladies

You’ve probably heard of the “Poor Clares.” Did you know that long before that name was assigned to them, they were founded as the “Poor Ladies?” They are only one part of their founder’s massive legacy of faith, courage, and service. This week on The Saints, take a deep look into the story of how Chiara di Offreducio became Saint Clare of Assisi. 

Family Expectations

Clare was born into a very wealthy family in Assisi. Even as a young girl, she chafed against the luxury that surrounded her. She practiced extra penances and fasts, always sure that God was asking something more of her. While her parents wanted her to marry into another prominent family in order to gain more prestige, Clare’s heart was already spoken for. She gave herself to Christ with a private vow of virginity and spurned her suitors. Yet one man did interest her.

Finding Francesco

Francesco di Bernadone, the wealthy Assisi party-goer turned ascetic, set the countryside on fire with his bold preaching and way of life. Clare yearned to serve God in the same way he did. Escaping the watchful eye of her uncle, she escaped to Francesco with the help of her sister. With his help, she cut off her hair and joined a nearby Benedictine convent in order to prepare for her great work: the founding of the Poor Ladies, an order of nuns who followed the rule of Saint Francis. 

For many years, Clare and Francis encouraged one another to grow closer to God and led their own orders in a deep spirit of piety, love, and service. As they grew older, Francis shared with her the deep secret of how God had touched his heart and his hands with the stigmata. Clare hid her own pain from him, ministering to him in his age and his illness. When Francis passed away, Clare remained, a guiding light of Francis’ spirit to both of their followers. 

Discover her Story

This week on The Saints, adventures of Faith and Courage, hear the story of Clare’s journey from society to Sainthood. Along the way, you’ll get to know Francis, Clare, Rufino, and even Clare’s tyrannical uncle, Monaldo. Let Clare’s bold journey into holiness guide you on your own, starting Monday at!

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