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March 1, 2024

A Mission of Love: Frances Xavier Cabrini

March 1, 2024
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Go Out to All the World

Her journeys took her to Denver, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, and even Nicaragua. She was the first American citizen to be canonized. Yet before she was a Saint, Frances Cabrini was simply a little child with a dream. The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage now tells her story in an all-new audio drama from The Merry Beggars.

Early Life and Challenges

She grew up in a rural Lombardy in Italy. Born prematurely and sickly, she would suffer from sickness and poor health throughout her life. Even as a small child, however, she knew her calling from God. Her childhood games involved sending missionaries to China. It was only natural, then, that she would enter religious life and send her own missionaries to do Christ's work.  

As a young sister at the House of Providence, Frances took the patronage of Saint Francis Xavier, patron Saint of missionary work. Immediately, she was faced with limiting circumstances, clashing with the owner of the house. Yet she persevered, becoming Mother of the House of Providence. From there, she went on to found the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Her new order quickly spread across Italy, living out Frances’ dream in her own native country. When Frances asked the Pope for permission to finally begin her mission to the far east, she was famously told “not East, but West;” to go to the Italian population of New York City. 

Faith Beyond Measure

What happened next shows Mother Cabrini’s tireless example of Christlike service and love. Next week on The Saints, follow young Frances from her earliest childhood hopes to the triumphs and despairs of missionary work in New York at the turn of the 20th century. Along the way, she faces opposition from a hostile culture, opportunists, and even her own weakness. Through it all, she remained strong by trusting in God and His Strength rather than her own.

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