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March 29, 2024

Peter Atkinson on the Homeschooling Saints Podcast!

March 29, 2024
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Peter Atkinson on Air!

Recently, Peter Atkinson, our Founder and Executive Producer, sat down with Lisa Mladinich of the Homeschooling Saints podcast to discuss his life, The Merry Beggars, and The Saints!

In this interview, Peter discusses how his background in homeschooling led to the creation of The Merry Beggars. He credits his mother and her dedication to providing artistic opportunities along with structure within the system of homeschooling. “It’s incredible looking back to see how deeply homeschooling allowed the creative gifts that He gave not only me but my brothers and sisters… to blossom and deepen because of that.”

Creating Pathways for Success

Peter goes on to discuss his current routine and how his homeschool background allowed him to flourish and develop his creative gifts, whereas other systems of schooling might have stifled them. Lisa Mlandinich, herself a bestselling author and strengths coach, encourages Peter for his witness, thanking him for providing an example for homeschoolers who may be uncertain.

Peter then takes a step back and discusses his own youthful ambitions of studying philosophy and working in academia before discovering that working in entertainment was an option while a senior at Ave Maria University. He then goes into his foray into acting training and discovering his full calling while studying at Columbia University. Finally, Peter discusses his background in producing and the inception of The Merry Beggars. Listen to the entire episode of The Homeschooling Saints podcast to hear more details about Peter’s work and dedication to Saint Joseph! You can also catch an inside look at upcoming series and The Merry Beggars' process!

You can listen to the entire series of Homeschooling Saints here. You can listen to all episodes of The Saints at

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