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June 21, 2021

Peter Atkinson and The Merry Beggars Join Relevant Radio

June 21, 2021
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Joining Relevant Radio

CEO and Chairman of Relevant Radio Rev. Francis “Rocky” Hoffman is pleased to announce that Peter Atkinson and The Merry Beggars have joined Relevant Radio.  The Merry Beggars is an entertainment company creating original and inspiring entertainment that “heals the culture.”  “We are very excited with this new creative opportunity, as our listeners have been clamoring for quality entertainment that supports their family values.  Such entertainment is less available these days from the major networks and film production companies,” said Fr. Rocky.

The Merry Beggars website states ‘We produce original radio shows that reveal the beauty and fullness of life so that, together, we can create a culture in tune with God’s redeeming love.’

“Peter Atkinson is a brilliant and energetic artist full of initiative and ideas with the proven ability to attract new talent and produce outstanding radio theatre and engaging podcasts.  By bringing The Merry Beggars to Relevant Radio, we can provide young Catholic artists with the creative space and national platform to be of great service to our listeners,” said Fr. Rocky. The Merry Beggars have already released five of their twelve planned episodes of The Quarantine Plays, stories built to be told entirely through audio. The scripts, sourced from the public, feature professional voice actors and sound design to create an incredibly immersive experience.

National Reach

“By joining with Relevant Radio, The Merry Beggars can focus on creating new shows for years to come. Relevant Radio is a national leader, delivering powerful content that helps to heal our culture. Their audience looks to them for inspiring shows that bring them closer to Christ. It’s incredibly exciting to join in that mission,” Atkinson said. It is clear from the The Merry Beggars projects already produced that they are seeking to create a breed of entertainment that focuses on the good, the true, and the beautiful by exploring the very human side of life’s struggles.

The director, Peter Atkinson, was born in Canada, raised in Washington, DC, and graduated from Ave Maria University summa cum laude. He recently finished his Masters in Acting at Columbia University. He has been published in First Things, walked across America for the Pro-Life cause, starred Off-Broadway, and was the recipient of Ave Maria’s 2015 President’s Award. Peter and his bride Naomi will relocate to the Chicago area and the Relevant Radio Headquarters in Lincolnshire, IL.

Now Available

The Merry Beggars podcasts and plays are now available on the Relevant Radio App, on the Relevant Radio Website at, and at  Watch for a season of new weekly shows debuting near the end of 2021.

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