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May 31, 2024

Screen-Free Entertainment

May 31, 2024
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How Much 'Screen-Time' is too Much?

The Merry Beggars was founded with a simple goal: to heal our culture. We believe more than anything that this begins with healing families. One of the major concerns which audio dramas can help with is the potential havoc that can be wrought by the overuse of screens in family life. While there are some benefits which can be gleaned from the responsible use of digital media in the home, there are many potential pitfalls that we can help parents avoid with screen-free entertainment.

What Could Go Wrong?

The iPhone first became available in 2007. Since then, ‘smart-phones’ and screens have become a major part of our daily lives. Children are growing up in an environment saturated with digital media. They are fixtures in schools, public transportation, and in workplaces. There are some benefits to this change. Communication is much smoother, and smart phones can be used to learn of incoming dangers or natural disasters. While these devices make communication easier, studies show that smart devices have had major negative effects. Screen time beyond even one hour a day can drastically harm the cognitive development of preschool children. Increased parental screen time, as well, can damage a child’s development. The problems stretch further than early childhood; Screen time has been linked to Obesity, sleep problems, depression, and anxiety in children of all ages. What’s most clear from the research is that children will often base their own behaviors on those of their parents. If a child’s parent is spending hours a day on a phone, the child will be much more likely to pick up that phone and start scrolling. For parents, educators, and concerned adults, it's crucial to recognize these risks and explore safer, more enriching alternatives.

Healthy Alternatives

Parents are finally realizing the danger that screens pose and are seeking out alternatives to screen time. Many families turn to outdoor time ("Green Time" instead of screen time). These activities offer a much healthier way to spend the day than wasting it in front of a screen. Other families also turn to alternative forms of entertainment which can be supervised and enjoyed together, like board games or audio dramas (The Merry Beggars!). Audio dramas provide an opportunity for people to grow as individuals and together as families.

Audio dramas engage the entire person by using both the senses and the imagination. They also give children and adults alike effective role models that can help them grow in happiness and holiness. Lessons in virtues like Courage, Temperance, Faith, and Charity at an early age can have a massive impact on the positive development of a child. So too, learning to trust and hope in Divine Providence and to have hope can prevent children from ever turning away from positive and inspiring goals.

A Library of Screen-Free Entertainment

Our growing content library, including new shows being added daily, serves as a resource for parents everywhere. We know that you'll be able to find something for your kids to love.

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