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Radio Theater Director

Radio Theater Director
Lincolnshire, IL
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The Merry Beggars

Audio Entertainment for the whole family

The Merry Beggars (TMB) is the entertainment division of Relevant Radio, a Catholic radio network reaching 220 million people. We create exceptional entertainment that inspires families to seek virtue and adventure. Our shows have received over 1,000,000 downloads. And we’re just getting started.

The Role

Radio Theater Director

The Radio Theater Director is responsible for bringing the scripts of The Saints series to life. They work with actors in studio and lead the production teams to rehearse, record, and sound design beautiful and captivating stories heard by millions of people.

The Saints series is an ongoing radio drama series about the lives of the Saints. It is a 15-minute weekday audio series with each Saint receiving 1 week (5 15-minute episodes in total).

This role is for an imaginative, energetic, and charismatic professional who can lead creative teams towards a creative vision. The Radio Theater Director’s responsibility is to develop a compelling, beautiful vision of the final audio production and to collaborate with others to realize that vision. They will work with our Casting Director, Lead Audio Producer, Music Designer, Dialect Coach (if applicable), Actors, and other creatives involved in the production. 

The Radio Theater Director will work with our Production Manager on-location in Lincolnshire, Illinois for recording days. They will work directly with actors in order to draw out the best individual and ensemble performances possible. Experience in theater, production, and working with actors is preferred.

Core Values

The heart of who we are

The people who consistently succeed at The Merry Beggars live and breathe our core values, listed below. If these values resonate with you and you answer ‘yes’ to the questions, you may be a fit for The Merry Beggars.

Culture Changing Catholic: We follow Jesus Christ and are on a mission to glorify God. We don’t accept the cultural status quo. We draw upon thousands of years of painting, sculpture, storytelling, and experience to inspire us and give us direction.

  • Do you wholeheartedly agree with the Catholic Church’s moral teachings and deposit of faith? Do you seek God’s guidance in your life? 
  • ** Note: Contractors need not be Catholic or Christian, but will generally not succeed if they are anti-Catholic or anti-Christian.**

Professional Excellence: We delight in excellence, exceeding expectations in every area. We tend to the details no one will see. From developing scripts to welcoming actors to designing sound, we strive for perfection in all areas of our craft.

  • Do you demand high standards of yourself? Are you driven by a desire for achievement and excellence? Are you dissatisfied until all the details in a project are exceptional?

Total Ownership: Our job isn’t done until the job is done. We hold ourselves responsible for all results, no matter the circumstances. We find a path or invent one. We never take an excuse.

  • Do you follow up on projects until you achieve the results? Do you do whatever it takes to get the job done instead of blaming others and making excuses? Do you own failures in order to maximize your own growth?

Continual Growth: We are driven to realize potential, professionally and personally. Opportunities are responsibilities entrusted to us for the good of others. We strive to have the greatest impact possible. We constantly seek growth. We are never done.

  • Do you consistently seek out self-development, instead of waiting to be trained by others? Do you consistently challenge yourself and seek growth in your personal life?

Hungry: We work hard. We are passionate about our mission, care deeply about our people, and settle for nothing less than excellence. We are humble, entitled to nothing. We embrace challenge, leaving everything on the field.

  • Are you self-motivated to accomplish ambitious projects? Have you overcome massive obstacles to achieve your goals? Do you make your own luck?

Open & Honest: We share openly and challenge directly, always seeking the greater good of the other person and our company. Truth builds trust, which builds teamwork, which builds passion and excitement, which fuels growth and excellence.

  • Do you seek out constructive feedback - and offer it to others - to solve issues and build trust with coworkers?


The Daily Role
  • Develop creative vision around radio scripts, including music, pacing, acting performances, dialect, and general SFX direction that aligns with The Merry Beggar’s aesthetic
  • Review selected auditions and make final casting decisions with Casting Director
  • Lead rehearsals, give notes to actors on performances and dialect
  • Lead full-day recording sessions on-location in Lincolnshire, Illinois with actors and technical production crew
  • Ensure that excellent acting performances are captured within time-frame of recording day


You'll need these things
  • Creative vision and leadership
  • Experience working with and directing actors in stage, radio, television, or film
  • Excellent and efficient collaboration skills
  • Ability to manage and work creatively in a high-pressure environment
  • Familiarity and proven success with storytelling and media production
  • Match TMB values (described above)

Timing, Location, Compensation

The Important Details

TMB is seeking to sign the right candidates as soon as possible to this position. There are many productions that need Radio Theater Directors, so we are looking for multiple candidates.

Because TMB records all of our shows in person at our recording studios in Lincolnshire, Illinois, the Radio Theater Director is an in-person role. 

This is a contract position with competitive pay.

Job Audition

The Important Details

Once you submit an application, you will be emailed instructions on completing a 30-60 minute job audition. This is a key assessment for evaluating candidates and provides an opportunity to demonstrate how you would approach this position.


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