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Isaac Jogues: Episode One

Isaac Jogues: Episode One


Isaac Jogues: Episode One

🗺️ Isaac Jogues - Episode One: A Foolish Endeavor

The North Atlantic, 1636. Three great colonial powers - France, Britain and the Dutch Republic - vie for control of North America, forging alliances with three great powers in the New World - the Huron, Algonquin and Mohawk nations. At stake is territory stretching from the St. Lawrence River to the Great Lakes. Into this maelstrom sails a young French Jesuit priest, newly ordained. His name? Father Isaac Jogues.

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Age 7+
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Isaac Jogues is able to turn each moment of his life towards Christ. He shares multiple conversations with Native and European characters who do not believe, and turns their thoughts toward God. Saint John Brebeuf also gives a description of how a person can belong fully to Christ without betraying their heritage.

A character is implied to be drunk in the opening of the episode and makes racist remarks against the Native peoples. There are also moments of suspense and threats of violence.


Isaac Jogues: Episode One
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