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Damien of Moloka'i: Episode Two

Damien of Moloka'i: Episode Two


Damien of Moloka'i: Episode Two

🗺️ Damien of Moloka’i - Episode Two: Kamiano

Reunited as friars in the Monastery of the Sacred Hearts, brothers Pamphile and Damien are again torn apart. Newly ordained Father Pamphile has contracted typhus, crushing his dream of missionary work. And Damien bravely volunteers to take Pamphile’s place on a dangerous mission, bringing “the Good News” to an unknown land: the island kingdom of Hawai’i.

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Damien boldly goes far from his native Belgium, finally arriving in Honolulu. There, he immediately begins working to rebuild the church with the help of Ailana and her son Kaiko. He is humble, joyful, and hardworking as he begins this difficult task.

This episode contains moments of intensity and danger, including raised voices and arguments. Characters' lives are threatened as a volcano erupts. There are moments of danger during a storm at sea.


Damien of Moloka'i: Episode Two
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