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Kateri Tekakwitha: Episode Four

Kateri Tekakwitha: Episode Four


Kateri Tekakwitha: Episode Four

🗺️ Kateri Tekakwitha - Episode Four: Up The River

Kateri and André paddle northwards, to the safety of the Christian mission at Kahnawake. But when her uncle Okwaho discovers their escape, their lives are in danger. Will they be stopped before they can reach the mission? What dangers await them as they make their way through the wilderness?

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Kateri and Andre travel together to escape to the mission of Kahnawake. They demonstrate virtues of thrift, moderation, and courage in the face of sustained danger to arrive at the large settlement of Lake Champlain. Kateri also sleeps in a bed full of pine needles, offering her suffering for the conversion of her people.

The episode contains some moments of suspense and threats of violence against Kateri and Andre. A trapper asks another trapper for a gun to shoot at Kateri and Andre.


Kateri Tekakwitha: Episode Four
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