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December 9, 2023

Catholic Media Startup soars to #3 on Apple Podcast Charts!

December 9, 2023
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PRESS RELEASE - Chicago, December 9, 2023

The Merry Beggars announces its recent achievement of reaching the Apple Podcast Fiction Charts’ top 3 position with their audio drama adaptation of A Christmas Carol

Brought to life by award-winning actors and available wherever you listen to podcasts, The Merry Beggars’ A Christmas Carol has captivated hundreds of thousands of listeners across the United States. Unlike most adaptations, this version features Charles Dickens as the story’s narrator, bringing to life the wit and humor that makes A Christmas Carol a beloved story for all ages. 

Founded by Peter Atkinson in New York City in 2019, The Merry Beggars has quickly become a household name with its captivating audio adventures and exceptional production quality. Aiming to raise the bar in the Christian and family entertainment world, Atkinson formed a team of award-winning writers, actors, and sound designers to create stories that delight, entertain and move audiences yearning for good, wholesome content produced to the highest industry standards. “I am so grateful for the incredible team that has joined our mission - it is truly a joy to work on these stories with such accomplished artists,” says Atkinson. Reaching #3 on the Apple Podcast Fiction Charts is the Merry Beggars’ latest milestone in their mission to become the most trusted source for family entertainment.

Listeners have been raving about A Christmas Carol, praising The Merry Beggars for its high production values and engaging daily format, with a new episode released each day of Advent. One reviewer said: “Amazing production! An immersive experience that keeps the kids’ attention! We can’t wait to hear more!” Another wrote: “One of the greatest Christmas stories in history performed like I’ve never heard before.” Says Atkinson, “This surge in our rankings reflects the growing demand for high-quality family entertainment in the digital age. There’s a hunger out there for the kind of work we’re producing.” 

In addition to A Christmas Carol, The Merry Beggars has released The Saints, an original audio drama series that brings to life a new saint each week. Since launching three months ago, The Saints has received over half a million downloads, establishing the Merry Beggars as the prime producer of faith-based family entertainment in the Catholic world.

Listeners can discover all of The Merry Beggars productions at their website ( where they can subscribe via email to receive new episodes directly in their inbox. 

Experience the magic that has propelled A Christmas Carol to the top of the Apple Podcast Charts.

Visit to hear more.

About The Merry Beggars

Since joining Relevant Radio in 2021, The Merry Beggars has produced family entertainment like On the Night Train and The Saints, receiving millions of downloads from across the country. Now, with a fast-growing audience and chart-topping productions, The Merry Beggars is well on its way to becoming the most trusted source for family audio entertainment.

The Merry Beggars is the entertainment division of Relevant Radio. 

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Peter Atkinson, The Merry Beggars 

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