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April 26, 2024

Our Lady of Fatima: An Exclusive Look

April 26, 2024
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An Exclusive Look

Two weeks ago, The Merry Beggars recorded two brand-new Saints series. Step inside the recording room in this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Our Lady of Fatima! We had an all-star cast of new and familiar voices in the room with us, and are excited to share more! In this video, you'll see and hear some of our favorite moments from Fatima.

At this time, the recorded audio has been passed along to our sound design team. From there, the final audio will be created and released, along with everything else that goes with it, including graphics, writing, and much more! Finally, the entire series will be released to the public on July 8, 2024. Until then, check out each week's show at!

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