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March 31, 2024

The Saints: A Global Impact

March 31, 2024
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This week, we want to share some of the wonderful feedback we received with our call to testimonials. We are humbled and blessed to hear how The Merry Beggars and The Saints inspires listeners to draw closer to God. You can still submit your testimonial by clicking here!

Joy from Ireland

Joy, a 12-year-old listener from Ireland, shares how she was introduced to The Saints by her mother. She wasn’t enthusiastic about starting, but once she began, she couldn’t get enough! 

Multiple Listeners

One young listener shares that Blessed Carlo Acutis is his favorite Saint because he’s a soccer player - just like him. “If Carlo Acutis can be a Saint, I can too!” Another young listener shares why he loves Saint George. Another relates that he’s learned from The Saints to love others even when they’re not being kind to him. 

Nixon from Colorado

Nixon, a young listener from Colorado, shares how The Saints draws him closer to God and makes want to become a saint himself.

The Prescott Family

The mother of the Prescott Family talks about how The Saints fits into her family’s bedtime routine. She shares how her 10-year-old daughter is now singing “Magnificat” instead of pop songs she heard at the store. 

Joe from New Jersey

Joe is a listener who calls into the Patrick Madrid Show on Relevant Radio to ask about an emotional reaction he had to Damien of Moloka’i. Patrick Madrid encourages him that God is using The Saints to draw Joe closer to himself. 

We hope you enjoyed hearing how The Saints is impacting the lives and hearts of listeners! We hope that you continue to listen and help us to inspire the Saints of the next generation. You can share your testimony at this link!

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