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March 15, 2024

John Bosco: Love and Service

March 15, 2024
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From 'Little Giovanni' to Don Bosco

This week, The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage returns with a brand new series: John Bosco! Follow the young Giovanni Bosco as he follows his vocation, meeting with new friends, new enemies, and a mysterious gray dog. As he struggles to follow God’s path, he will learn from his early losses to become a Father to the fatherless. 

Little Giovanni was a performer from his earliest days. He would put on shows for his friends, juggling, performing card tricks, and preaching - even as a child! He asked no payment for his work other than that his audience of young friends pray a rosary. That's why, to this day, he's the Patron Saint of Magicians!

A Mission of Service

Growing up without a father, John Bosco uniquely understood the plight of the urban youth of Turin. Ordained as a parish priest, his oratory quickly became a haven for them, where they could learn a trade, play games, and understand that their lives had meaning and purpose beyond their suffering.

Many had lost parents, friends, and relatives during the political upheavals in Italy during the 19th century. Others came from broken homes. Father Bosco became Christ to all of them, giving tirelessly and meeting them in their suffering.

Challenges and Answers

Father Bosco’s efforts did not go unnoticed by the government. They saw his Oratory and mission efforts as a potential threat. Some feared that Bosco was preparing a “Pope’s militia," not caring for the youth and raising their quality of life. Father Bosco had to make difficult decisions to defend his Oratory, his mission - and even his life. 

Against these threats and a disintegrating culture, John Bosco stood on God's love. Bosco continued in prayer, fasting, and service to the end.

Hear the Enduring Story

Follow along with him as the young fatherless boy, Giovanni Bosco, responds to the call of grace in his life, creating a legacy of service and fatherhood that still lasts to this day. Along the way, he became the hero of faith known today as "Don Bosco." Listen on March 18 at!

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