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March 15, 2024

The Saints - On Air on Relevant Radio!

March 15, 2024
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The Saints - 6PM Central/7PM Eastern every Saturday and Sunday on Relevant Radio!

Adventures of Faith and Courage

Since September of last year, The Saints: adventures of Faith and Courage has been delighting listeners with digital releases. We’ve climbed the Alps with Pier Giorgio Frassati, sailed into New York harbor with Frances Xavier Cabrini, and entered seclusion on Moloka’i with Father Damien. Now, you can hear all these stories on Relevant Radio!


Every Saturday and Sunday, tune in to your local Relevant Radio station,, or the Relevant Radio app to hear one-hour versions of the stories of The Saints. This broadcast will be live at 7:00 PM Eastern/6:00 PM Central! Hear each of the stories of The Saints like you’ve never heard them before - live and uninterrupted!

Check out our social media pages each Thursday to learn which Saint will be broadcast that weekend. Comment on the post about which Saint you’d like to hear next, and receive updates on The Saints and all things Merry Beggars.

Faith and Courage: Inspiring Saints

The Merry Beggars is thrilled to be broadcast on Relevant Radio’s national network. It is an honor and a tremendous opportunity to be able to reach so many faithful listeners. Their stories of faith and courage are an inspiration to the next generation of The Saints!

Can’t wait until the weekend to listen? You can listen live to ALL The Saints (and the rest of The Merry Beggars catalog) at! Follow The Merry Beggars on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter/X, and LinkedIn to see behind-the-scenes content, real-time updates, and special bonus content!

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