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March 8, 2024

Patrick of Ireland

March 8, 2024
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Saint Patrick: To the Ends of the Earth 

This week, The Saints: Adventures of Faith and Courage returns to one of the most beloved saints of the world: Patrick of Ireland! Follow the journey of Patricius, the headstrong young Briton who found God in the darkest time, going from teenage rebel – to one of God’s greatest witnesses.

A Rebellious Youth

Born into an aristocratic family in Roman Britannia, Patricius rejects his parents’ faith, which he views as just political. While dragging his best friend on another escapade, he is abducted by pirates and sold into slavery in the faraway and barbaric land of Eriu.

Slavery and Freedom

In this dark time, the newly named ‘Padraig’ turns to the one who has called out to him all his life: God. He accepts the suffering of his slavery but finds freedom in God’s love. He prays constantly and teaches those around him about the faith.

Behind the scenes of recording Patrick of Ireland


After being directed in a dream to escape, Padraig returns home as a different person. He becomes a priest, dedicating his life to serving his community both physically and spiritually. Yet he still feels some of his youthful restlessness; God is asking still more of him.

An End and a Beginning

Another dream comes to Padraig: he sees the people of Eriu calling out to him, begging for God’s word. Padraig resolves at once to leave his home and return to the very island that enslaved him.

Hear the Timeless Story

Follow along with the young Patrick as he goes from an impetuous youth - to a prayerful young man - to a dedicated man of God. You can also listen live on Relevant Radio on Saturday, March 16th and Sunday, March 17th, from 6:00pm - 7:00pm, and anytime at!

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