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February 9, 2024

Saint Valentine: The True Story

February 9, 2024
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Saint Valentine: The True Story

We think of Valentine's Day as consisting of red hearts, candy, and special dinners. But where did the holiday come from?

It turns out that St. Valentine was a real person! A Christian who was martyred in the 3rd century under Emperor Claudius II, making an extraordinary sacrifice for the faith.

The Saints artwork for Saint Valentine

The traditions surrounding Valentine’s Day are said to have come from a note that St. Valentine wrote, signing it “from your Valentine.” That idea stuck and people have been signing their notes in his name ever since.

But Saint Valentine was a real person who was martyred under Emperor Claudius II. In our brand new series focused on his life, we recreate what his life may have been like and discover the beauty of his faith in Christ. What better way to celebrate Saint Valentine’s day than meeting the man himself?

Demetrios Troy directing Saint Valentine

Ash Wednesday & Valentines Day?

Some say Valentine’s Day has been ruined, since Saint Valentine’s day occurs on Ash Wednesday this year. Is it possible to celebrate your loved one’s relationships on a day of penance and repentance? 

We say that Saint Valentine’s story shows us that there is no better way! While we know Saint Valentine mostly through red hearts and gifts of candy, the true story is a better guide to what actual love looks like.  Saint Valentine’s life was marked by deep friendship and courageous sacrifice. He shows us that loving others is a journey of sacrifice - motivated by a profound relationship with Christ.

The unique timing of his feast day invites us to ponder the intersection of love and sacrifice - calling to mind that the ultimate meaning of our lives is sacrificial love. We are called to lay down our lives for others, one day at a time.

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An Historical Figure

James Barrows, working with The Merry Beggars writing team, embarked on a detailed exploration of Saint Valentine's life, blending historical research with creative storytelling. By meticulously researching the social and political context of Valentine's era and the broader Christian experience of persecution, we crafted episodes that honor the saint's legacy while bringing to life the incredible witness of the early Church.

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A Witness to Courage

The life of Saint Valentine, brought to life by The Merry Beggars, inspires us to embody true love - laying down our lives for those we love. This Lent, may we embrace the spirit of Saint Valentine and seek Christ with the same conviction and fervor that he did. Saint Valentine, pray for us!

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