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March 7, 2024

Share Your Story!

March 7, 2024
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Being a Witness

For more than a year, The Merry Beggars have been hard at work on The Saints. Millions of listeners, thousands of pages of scripts, hundreds of actors and writers, dozens of stories, all with one goal: to inspire a new generation of Saints.

Now, The Merry Beggars are seeking stories about how The Saints series has changed our audience's lives. And we want to hear from you!

Listeners can share their stories about The Saints by calling (920) 406-7384 or clicking the button below. If you share before March 11, we might even include your message on the air on Relevant Radio!  

A young listener re-enacts Saint Patrick!

Building a Generation of Saints

We’ve already heard from listeners across the country about how The Saints has impacted them. Families are brought together on the road to school or at bedtime. Adults, some of whom aren’t even Catholic, discover new saints to inspire them.

Listeners realize that Saints aren’t just people in a faraway time or place: they’re people - just like us - who listen to the call of God in their own lives and respond with their whole hearts.

Another young listener re-enacts Joan of Arc!

A Call to Inspire

We hope The Saints has inspired you to answer that call! In a time full of fear and uncertainty, the Saints provide a sure path to follow. Now’s your chance to inspire others to begin their journey of sainthood by your testimony. Click the button below or call (920) 406-7384 to leave a voice message!

What's your The Saints story?

Was there a moment that moved your heart? Does your family listen to episodes on repeat? Have you memorized parts of the show? We want to hear from you! Click the button below or call (920) 406-7384 to leave a voice message!

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