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Patrick of Ireland: Episode Three ENCORE

Patrick of Ireland: Episode Three ENCORE


Patrick of Ireland: Episode Three ENCORE

🗺️Patrick of Ireland - Episode Three: Answer Me, Lord

408 AD, the island of Ériu. Six years after being captured, Patrick is learning to live with the pagan tribe. But as famine causes the tribe to suffer, the pagan priestess searches for a scapegoat to blame for their troubles. Meanwhile, Patrick shares his faith with Caoimhe and Ari, unaware of the danger.

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Age 7+
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Patrick is seen evangelizing his Irish friends, Caoimhe and Ari. Themes of joyful Christian friendship are reinforced. He tells them biblical stories about Elias and Baal which inspire their faith. An angelic messenger speaks to Patrick and instructs him on his path.

Some elements of intensity, including the Dryad priestess threatening Ari’s life to taunt Patrick. Patrick and Caoimhe get in a scuffle with the Dryad. Some anger as Tadhg reprimands Patrick, saying that Ari will never be seen again. Patrick expresses his fear and desperation, crying out to God for help.


Patrick of Ireland: Episode Three ENCORE
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