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Patrick of Ireland: Episode Two ENCORE

Patrick of Ireland: Episode Two ENCORE


Patrick of Ireland: Episode Two ENCORE

🗺️Patrick of Ireland - Episode Two: The Land of Corra

Kidnapped by two pagan slave traders, Patrick and Linus find themselves sailing away from their home, sure they will never see it again. With their parents unaware of their capture and no way to return home, what dangers await Patrick in this strange new land?

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Age 7+
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The need for Christian faith is emphasized, as Patrick comes face to face with rough Pagan Irish rituals. He learns to rely on his faith more, asking God to help him in a frightening situation. Joyful friendships and kindness are emphasized in his friendships with Ari and Caoimhe.

Some elements of intensity, including situations that frighten Patrick. He is sold into slavery to a rough Irish slave owner, Tadhg. He encounters an Irish pagan festival with implied animal sacrifice. Patrick is afraid of the Irish pagans.


Patrick of Ireland: Episode Two ENCORE
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