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Patrick of Ireland: Episode One ENCORE

Patrick of Ireland: Episode One ENCORE


Patrick of Ireland: Episode One ENCORE

🗺️Patrick of Ireland - Episode One: A Reckless Youth

Britannia, 402 AD. Christian Rome has established an outpost in Britain but is attacked by Pagan slave traders daily. The Church holds society together as Rome threatens to leave. But one rebellious Briton, rejecting his parents' faith, plunges himself into dangers he could never have imagined. This is the story of Patrick.

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Age 7+
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The story emphasizes the role of faith in people’s lives. Someone recites the Our Father in Latin while in danger. A father raises his voice while reprimanding his son for not attending church.

Some elements of intensity and youthful rebellion. A young man disobeys his parents, doesn’t attend Church, and then suffers negative consequences because of this decision. Someone is hit with a stone. Characters are kidnapped and in mild danger.


Patrick of Ireland: Episode One ENCORE
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