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Isaac Jogues: Episode Three

Isaac Jogues: Episode Three


Isaac Jogues: Episode Three

🗺️ Isaac Jogues - Episode Three: The Sign of the Cross

Captured by the Mohawks, Father Isaac, Ahatsistari, and René are led into the wilderness -  deep into Mohawk territory - away from their friends...their country…and everything familiar. As they cross a raging river, a deafening sound emerges from the hilltop ahead: Ossernenon – the great Mohawk fortress. What fate awaits them?

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Age 7+
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Ahatsistari and Isaac demonstrate great courage and Christian suffering. In the face of impending death, Ahatsistari prioritizes receiving a blessing from Isaac Jogues and goes boldly to his end.

Depiction of a violent forced march. Depiction of “running the gauntlet,” where Isaac and his companions are forced to run between two lines of Mohawk warriors who strike them. Indirect description of Isaac Jogues’ fingers being mutilated by biting. Depiction of several Christians being burned at the stake. Violent description of the martyrdom of Rene Goupil by tomahawk.


Isaac Jogues: Episode Three
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