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Isaac Jogues: Episode Four

Isaac Jogues: Episode Four


Isaac Jogues: Episode Four

🗺️ Isaac Jogues - Episode Four: Escape from Ossernenon

With the deaths of René and Ahatsistari, Father Isaac is completely friendless among the Mohawks. Or is he? Resolved to continue his mission to the natives, he receives an unexpected visit that brings new hope, and a question: Should he remain a slave in captivity, or does God have another plan for him?

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Age 7+
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Isaac demonstrates daring and courage in confronting the Mohawk chief and searching for the body of his martyred friend. He performs a corporal work of mercy by burying him. Against threats of violence by the Mohawk, Isaac still vocally proclaims his faith.  

Threats of violence against Isaac Jogues. Depiction of a burial. Depiction of a drinking party with mentions of gin and several inebriated characters.


Isaac Jogues: Episode Four
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