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Isaac Jogues: Episode Five

Isaac Jogues: Episode Five


Isaac Jogues: Episode Five

🗺️ Isaac Jogues - Episode Five: A Hero’s Welcome

With the cover of night, Father Isaac steals quietly towards the Hudson River, and the Dutch ship that will rescue him. He arrives in France to a hero’s welcome, the most celebrated Catholic priest of his day. But is he, as some say, “a living saint?” Summoned to the royal palace of Versailles for an audience with the queen, Father Jogues shocks everyone with a startling revelation.

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Isaac Jogues now faces a new challenge in returning to France: to combat the easy life he finds there. Being proclaimed a “living martyr” by the Pope, he chooses the difficult path of returning to America to minister to the Mohawk.

Indirect mentions of Jogues’ Mutilation. Mentions of the martyrdom of Rene Goupil and Jogues’ eventual martyrdom in narration


Isaac Jogues: Episode Five
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