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Saint George: Episode One

Saint George: Episode One


Saint George: Episode One

🗺️ Saint George - Episode One: The Neighbors

Cappadocia, 280 A.D. A Roman Empire in crisis. Political unrest, civil wars, and economic instability threaten its existence. When their crops fail in the jagged hills, pagan farmers blame a local Christian family. So begins the story of Saint George.

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Young George’s family presents an example of courage and love under pressure from a hostile culture. Gerontius and Polychronia are loving and lively, giving an example of a loving home no matter the outside circumstances. Gerontius also exemplifies cultivating friendship with someone who may not share your values.

Includes aggressive language from a pagan character because of a Christian’s belief. George’s Father’s martyrdom is implied and George grieves his lost.


Saint George: Episode One
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