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Saint George: Episode Two

Saint George: Episode Two


Saint George: Episode Two

🗺️ Saint George - Episode Two: The Fire

Nicomedia, 302 A.D. Emperor Diocletian returns to a disunified state. Christians are being blamed for the neglect and ruin of pagan temples. George, a rising star in the Roman military, now faces a choice between his country and his faith.

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George, now an adult, remains a Christian in the midst of the Roman world. Surrounded by paganism and a growing anti-Christian sentiment, he remains courageous and dedicated to his faith. He argues in defense of his faith against the highest authority in his world and stands up even when other Christians around him remain silent.

Intense action sequences involving the Dragon include raised voices. Diocletian argues for atheism and that religion is only politically important.


Saint George: Episode Two
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