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Elizabeth Ann Seton: Episode Two

Elizabeth Ann Seton: Episode Two


Elizabeth Ann Seton: Episode Two

🗺️ Elizabeth Ann Seton - Episode Two: In the Lazarreto

1803. One year after the collapse of William’s business, the Seton family has grown. But their financial worries and William's illness are worse than ever. Advised to travel abroad for William’s health, the Setons spend their last pennies getting to Italy. Nothing prepares them for the trials lying ahead.

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Age 7+
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The Seton family struggles together against their circumstances, both medical and financial. They demonstrate courage and hope in making their journey to Italy, as well as bravery in the face of tragedy. 

Some moments of intensity, including some raised voices and arguments. A character dies of tuberculosis in-scene.


Elizabeth Ann Seton: Episode Two
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