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Josephine Bakhita: Episode One

Josephine Bakhita: Episode One


Josephine Bakhita: Episode One

🗺️ Josephine Bakhita - Episode One: The Awestruck Child

Turin, Italy, 1935. The normally quiet convent of Canossian religious sisters is in an uproar. A special visitor has arrived, a fellow sister born in faraway Sudan, in northeast Africa. She has come to relate the amazing story of her life. But can the sisters find her? This is the story of Josephine Bakhita.

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Mother Bakhita demonstrates forgiveness and love for the poor. She tells us of her childhood, where she grew up in a loving and happy family, talking honestly with her parents about her yearning to know the maker of the stars.

This episode includes some minor arguments between a religious sister and her superior. There are also moments of intensity and fear as a character is kidnapped.


Josephine Bakhita: Episode One
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