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Josephine Bakhita: Episode Three

Josephine Bakhita: Episode Three


Josephine Bakhita: Episode Three

Bakhita journeys towards God in the face of her abuse at the hands of her cruel mistress. Through her worst years, Bakhita models the Christian response to suffering, keeping constant hope and trust in God, even if she doesn’t know Him yet.

This episode mentions and depicts slavery, including raised voices and intensity, as well as sounds and description of a tattooing. A character slaps another character.

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Arriving in Italy, Bakhita is finally treated with kindness. She exemplifies perseverance and hope. Most importantly, she meets illuminato Checchini, who introduces her to the master of the moon and the stars and gives her a crucifix.

This episode includes incidental mentions of slavery.


Josephine Bakhita: Episode Three
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