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Bernadette of Lourdes: Episode Four

Bernadette of Lourdes: Episode Four


Bernadette of Lourdes: Episode Four

🗺️ Bernadette of Lourdes - Episode Four: Troublemaker

While Jacomet investigates Bernadette and her family, interest in the mysterious apparitions grows. But amidst the noise and confusion, Bernadette remains determined: A chapel must be built where the Lady has appeared! And the question remains: Just who is this mysterious woman appearing to her at Massabielle?

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Under growing pressure from the authorities, Bernadette and her family reconcile. Bernadette stands up for her parents when they’re threatened by Police Commissioner Jacomet, demonstrating great courage. She trusts in The Lady, showing her deep faith.

This episode contains moments of intensity and danger. Bernadette and Louise are questioned by the police. This episode also includes raised voices, as well as threats of imprisonment and crowd violence. A character refers to Bernadette’s visions as rural superstitions.


Bernadette of Lourdes: Episode Four
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