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Frances Xavier Cabrini: Episode One

Frances Xavier Cabrini: Episode One


Frances Xavier Cabrini: Episode One

🗺️ Frances Xavier Cabrini - Episode One: House of Providence

Northern Italy, 1858. In a tiny rural village, a little girl dreams of becoming a missionary. But as she gets closer to making that dream a reality, she must overcome several obstacles that stand in her way. This is the story of Frances Xavier Cabrini.

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As a child, Mother Cabrini demonstrated the missionary zeal which would define her adulthood. Even facing poor health and a seeming dead-end in the House of Providence, she persists in her desire for missionary life, arguing effectively to found her order of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart.

This episode contains raised voices and moments of fear and intensity. A character’s life is endangered when she falls in a river. A character berates Mother Cabrini for her lack of physical health and dreams of missionary work.


Frances Xavier Cabrini: Episode One
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