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Frances Xavier Cabrini: Episode Three

Frances Xavier Cabrini: Episode Three


Frances Xavier Cabrini: Episode Three

🗺️ Frances Xavier Cabrini - Episode Three: Things Saints Do

Early morning, March 1889. New York City. With no home, no money, and no support from the local bishop, Mother Cabrini and her missionaries spend a sleepless night in a rat and bedbug infested tenement. Now, they must find a home, or go back to Italy in defeat.

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Mother Cabrini’s boundless energy and missionary spirit are not weakened by her night spent in a poor, dangerous neighborhood. Instead, she begins ministering to its inhabitants and seeks to bring them back to the sacraments. Facing obstacle after obstacle, Mother Cabrini continues in her mission, armed with faith and utter determination.

This episode contains moments of intensity and arguments. A poor character mocks Mother Cabrini’s mission and the Church in America. Mother Cabrini must argue with her bishop in order to carry on with her mission. A character smokes a pipe.


Frances Xavier Cabrini: Episode Three
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