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Stanley Rother: Episode Four

Stanley Rother: Episode Four


Stanley Rother: Episode Four

🗺️ Stanley Rother - Episode Four: Retreat

Santiago Atitlán, 1980. As more Catholic and indigenous people disappear, Father Stanley and his helpers remain steadfast, serving the Tz’utujil people and proclaiming the hope of the Gospel. But now, renewed threats force Father Stanley to ask: Is it time to abandon this dangerous mission, and say goodbye to Guatemala?

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Stanley Rother didn’t know the impact his life would have. He began as a humble Oklahoma farmboy; he became the face of Christ to the people of his part of rural Guatemala. Always humble, Rother exemplified virtues of courage and perseverance in his mission, as well as humility and faith to the end. 

This series contains moments of suspense and intensity, including arguments, raised voices, and threats of violence. Several characters are abducted for their faith. A search for an abducted character’s body is portrayed. A character is beaten for his faith. Mentions are made to death threats made against Catholics by the government. Soldiers are heard unloading bodies from a truck. There are mentions of torture. A character is beaten and shot in-scene.


Stanley Rother: Episode Four
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