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Clare of Assisi: Episode One

Clare of Assisi: Episode One


Clare of Assisi: Episode One

🗺️ Clare of Assisi - Episode One: Finding Francesco

Assisi, Italy, 1194 A.D. A girl born to a noble family is destined to be “a great light, a source of illumination to many.” Pressured by her family towards an unwanted early marriage, this independent young woman fights to live out another, higher vocation. This is the story of Clare of Assisi.

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Clare of Assisi teaches lessons of courage and patient suffering, and that all people, regardless of their social status, are called to be Saints. Even as the daughter of a rich family, Clare gives to the poor and wears a hairshirt regularly. She is enthralled by the Franciscan mission and gives up everything in order to follow Christ. 

This series contains scenes of intensity, including arguments and raised voices. The death of a parent is implied. A moment in which Saint Francis removes his clothes in order to leave society is described. A moment of violence is described as a man attempts to remove his relative from a convent.


Clare of Assisi: Episode One
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