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Pier Giorgio Frassati: Episode Three

Pier Giorgio Frassati: Episode Three


Pier Giorgio Frassati: Episode Three

🗺️ Pier Giorgio Frassati - Episode Three: It’s Nothing

October 1922: Mussolini and his fascist supporters march on the Italian capitol of Rome, finally taking control of the government. Celebrations and protests are mounted all over Italy. Against his father's advice, Pier Giorgio attends an anti-fascist demonstration in Turin.

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Pier Giorgio Frassati defends his friend in a fight with Mussolini’s fascists. Pier Giorgio says a rosary while imprisoned, mentioning St. Paul as a role model for him.

There is a sense of foreboding and violence as Pier Giorgio Frassati attends a political event. Violence breaks out at a protest with Mussolini’s fascist blackshirts. Punches are thrown between Pier Giorgio Frassati, his friend Marco, and blackshirt fascists. Police arrest Pier Giorgio Frassati.


Pier Giorgio Frassati: Episode Three
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