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Francis of Assisi: Episode One

Francis of Assisi: Episode One


Francis of Assisi: Episode One

🗺️ Francis of Assisi - Episode One: The Knight

Assisi, Italy. 1202 A.D. Francesco di Bernardino is the son of a wealthy cloth merchant in Assisi, Italy. Between lavish parties and manly sport, Francesco doesn’t have much time for God. But when he joins the war between Assisi and Perugia, his life is fated to change. Forever. This is the true story of Francis of Assisi.

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Age 7+
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We meet Francis when he is still secular in his heart, partying with his friends and striving for worldly glory. His parents are proud of him, but his Father is focused on worldly success. He flirts with a woman at a party. The emptiness of worldly success is shown to be empty.

Francis and his friends show disgust at lepers when they approach them. He declares his desire to go to war and there is a brief war scene. There are sounds of battle and shouting in battle. Francis is sick and imprisoned, coughing in a jail. Sounds of water dripping in jail cells and sickness.


Francis of Assisi: Episode One
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