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Carlo Acutis: Episode Two

Carlo Acutis: Episode Two


Carlo Acutis: Episode Two

🗺️ Carlo Acutis - Episode Two: The Longest Line

Carlo is eager to tell his catechism class about St. Tarcisius, the Roman boy who died to defend the Eucharist. His class, however, are much more interested in lollipops than the mystery inside the tabernacle. How can Carlo share his faith when no one seems to care?

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Carlo’s enthusiasm for the Eucharist grows as he continues to attend Mass. He teaches a group of students about Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist. Carlo sees a homeless man, Matteo, and immediately gives him soup and a sleeping bag.

Young children are distracted as their teacher tries to teach them about the Eucharist.


Carlo Acutis: Episode Two
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