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Carlo Acutis: Episode Three

Carlo Acutis: Episode Three


Carlo Acutis: Episode Three

🗺️ Carlo Acutis - Episode Three: A Website for Miracles

Carlo’s friend Gio continues to ask him about his devotion to the Catholic faith. But Gio doesn’t believe that Jesus is really in the Eucharist. Carlo must search for a new way to communicate this truth to his best friend.

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A Eucharistic miracle is dramatized, with the host bleeding as the priest lifts it up. Carlo stops playing Pokemon with Gio, demonstrating self-control and virtue. Carlo evangelizes his friend Gio by telling him about Eucharistic miracles. Carlo speaks directly to Jesus about his friend Gio. Carlo asks Fr. Mario for advice about how to tell others about Jesus in the Eucharist.

Gio expresses skepticism about Eucharistic miracles, not understanding why Carlo is so faithful.


Carlo Acutis: Episode Three
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