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Carlo Acutis: Episode Four

Carlo Acutis: Episode Four


Carlo Acutis: Episode Four

🗺️ Carlo Acutis - Episode Four: My Alarm Clock

Carlo wants to be a saint, but to be a saint you have to do something incredible. Carlo focuses all his energy on his website of Eucharistic miracles so that the world can know Jesus is waiting for them in every tabernacle around the world. Will the world listen?

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Carlo shares with Gio about the Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano. He explains the scientific analysis that supports the miracle’s validity.

Some elements of intensity include Carlo experiencing a health crisis, with initial symptoms of pain in his stomach. Gio refers to the Eucharistic miracle as ‘blood and stuff,’ not intending disrespect but showing his naivety and lack of faith.


Carlo Acutis: Episode Four
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