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Carlo Acutis: Episode Five

Carlo Acutis: Episode Five


Carlo Acutis: Episode Five

🗺️ Carlo Acutis - Episode Five: Highway to Heaven

Just when his presentation on the Eucharistic miracles is finally complete, Carlo’s sickness worsens. With his presentation due tomorrow, will Carlo be able to teach his catechism students about Jesus in the Eucharist? If Carlo can’t teach them, will all his work go to waste?

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Gio teaches the presentation on the Eucharistic miracles instead of Carlo, demonstrating his newfound faith. Gio tells the children that he believes in Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist. Carlo’s legacy and impact on the world is shared in the epilogue.

Some elements of intensity include Carlo going to the hospital because of his illness. Andrea and Antonia grieve their son’s illness and tell Carlo that he will die soon. Fr. Mario gives last rites to Carlo before he dies.


Carlo Acutis: Episode Five
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