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John Paul II: Episode One

John Paul II: Episode One


John Paul II: Episode One

🗺️ John Paul II: Karol Wojtyla in Poland - Episode One: Invasion

Krakow, Poland. 1939. The unthinkable has come to pass: Hitler’s Nazis have invaded by air and land, and taken control of the country. With lives threatened and Polish culture being slowly eradicated, nineteen-year-old Karol Wojtyla is desperate to save his homeland and his people from being crushed.

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John Paul II, then Karol Wojtyla, emphasizes his faith and the importance of Poland’s culture. He and his friends plan a theater troupe to revive and encourage the Catholic culture of Poland.

Some elements of intensity include the episode opening with a radio announcer mentioning Hitler’s invasion of Poland. There are sounds of war, planes and bombs falling. Nazis, deportation, and prison camps are mentioned.


John Paul II: Episode One
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