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John Paul II: Episode Two

John Paul II: Episode Two


John Paul II: Episode Two

🗺️ John Paul II: Karol Wojtyla in Poland - Episode Two: The Dark

While Poland slowly strangles in the grip of the Third Reich, Karol finds himself in “a dark night of the soul”. Yearning for consolation and guidance, he discovers the writings of a saint who speaks to him across the ages.

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Age 7+
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Karol Wojtyla, later John Paul II, is shown as a virtuous, faithful young man. His courage and resilience are demonstrated, along with faith and prayer. Prayers are said by his father asking for Mary’s intercession. Karol demonstrates compassion and responsibility for those around him.

The realities of Nazi occupation are depicted, with people being afraid of the Nazi soldiers. Karol experiences the loss of his father, which is emotionally challenging. People are depicted being loaded onto trucks by Nazi soldiers, though it is unclear where they are going. There is tension and uncertainty in his interactions with the soldiers.


John Paul II: Episode Two
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