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John Paul II: Episode Three

John Paul II: Episode Three


John Paul II: Episode Three

🗺️ John Paul II: Karol Wojtyla in Poland - Episode Three: Living Flame

Amidst the desolation of the Nazi occupation of Poland, Karol delves more deeply into the writings of St. John of the Cross, and discovers a new calling: to the holy priesthood! But as Communism rises and the Nazi invaders grow even more menacing, is now the right time for Karol to enter the seminary?

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Age 7+
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Karol’s faith deepens as he explores and contemplates a possible vocation to the priesthood. His friendship with Halina and Jan are explored and shown to be good, virtuous friendships. They both support and encourage him in his exploration of faith amidst these difficult circumstances.

Some elements of intensity include Nazi’s forcing people to do labor in a mine, along with a fight that breaks out among the workers. Boris and Karol get into a fight over a Jewish worker being targeted by a Nazi soldiers. There are raised voices and some physical altercations.


John Paul II: Episode Three
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