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John Paul II: Episode Four

John Paul II: Episode Four


John Paul II: Episode Four

🗺️ John Paul II: Karol Wojtyla in Poland - Episode Four: Seminary

Risking everything, Karol secretly enters a hidden seminary to begin his studies for the priesthood. But what he doesn’t know is something that could end his formation and his life.

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Karol’s resilience and courage are demonstrated, with his pursuit of his vocation showing his deep faith. Cardinal Sapieha gives a speech about trusting God in dark and dangerous times. Karol’s friendship with Halina is virtuous and they encourage each other in the faith.

Lange, a Nazi officer, follows Karol and invades the seminary, threatening Karol and the seminarians. Lange yells as he invades the seminary, which may be too intense for younger listeners. There is an unresolved conflict between Borys and Karol. Poland is liberated from the Nazi’s but is occupied by the Communists.


John Paul II: Episode Four
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