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John Paul II: Episode Five

John Paul II: Episode Five


John Paul II: Episode Five

🗺️ John Paul II: Karol Wojtyla in Poland - Episode Five: The Way of the Cross

1946: Poland’s suffering may finally be over. Her people are enjoying greater freedom, and Karol walks openly as a newly ordained priest. But this sense of relief is quickly scattered when Communism tightens its grip. Now Father Karol finds himself torn - between his desire to fight this new evil and his orders to go to Rome.

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Age 7+
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The episode opens with a touching and heartwarming scene between a young Karol and his mother. It emphasizes the importance of faith, prayer, and devotion, particularly as Karol approaches his ordination. Halina and Jan encourage Karol to trust God and follow His will.

Some elements of intensity include Karol’s anxiety as he approaches his ordination. The episode introduces political tension, with Borys embracing communism. Borys insults the faith because of his own communist ideals. Karol experiences emotional conflict as he is ordered to go to Rome.


John Paul II: Episode Five
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