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Saint Benedict: Episode One

Saint Benedict: Episode One


Saint Benedict: Episode One

🗺️ Saint Benedict - Episode One: Leavetakings

Italy, 480 A.D. The Roman Empire has fallen. As Barbarians invade from all sides, Roman-Christian culture disintegrates. One family sends its only son to Rome in hopes of giving him a classical education. But halfway through his studies, this young man fears that Roman civilization is worse off than anyone knows. This is the story of Saint Benedict.

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The episode emphasizes themes of holiness in the midst of the world. Benedict is shown rejecting the worldly life of Rome and pursuing a life of virtue and holiness. He is genuinely interested in philosophy and theology, showing his love of wisdom and God. His family supports him in his pursuit of God, even when it up-ends the plans that they had for him.

There is peer pressure on Benedict to dismiss his studies and party. His friends are shown dismissing conversation about God and seeking worldly pleasures. There is some tension between Eutropio and Benedict as Benedict abandons his father’s plan for his education to seek God.


Saint Benedict: Episode One
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