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Saint Benedict: Episode Two

Saint Benedict: Episode Two


Saint Benedict: Episode Two

🗺️ Saint Benedict - Episode Two: On the Road

Mired in a vicious culture, Benedict quits school and leaves Rome against his father’s wishes. With his old nurse, Cirilla, he searches the Italian countryside for a quiet place to seek God. But his newfound peace doesn’t last long...

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The episode shows Benedict's spiritual journey, emphasizing his humility, obedience to God, and the importance of community. Benedict's interactions with Romanus and Cirilla highlight the value of supportive relationships in spiritual growth. The episode touches on Benedict's love for nature, encouraging stewardship and appreciation for God's creation.

On the intense side, Benedict faces public scrutiny following a miracle, putting him under unwanted attention. He grapples with heavy moral decisions, including the need to distance himself from others who are focused on the miracles and not on their relationship with God. There is an emotional farewell as Benedict parts ways with Cirilla.


Saint Benedict: Episode Two
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