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Saint Benedict: Episode Three

Saint Benedict: Episode Three


Saint Benedict: Episode Three

🗺️ Saint Benedict - Episode Three: Wild Man

As news of the miracle spreads, Benedict flees the crowds. He finds refuge in a remote and secluded cave. With animal skins to keep warm, and bread lowered from the monastery above, Benedict survives in the wilderness, seeking God alone. But as his reputation spreads, he is called to a mission greater than he ever imagined.

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The episode highlights Benedict’s commitment to solitude, prayer, and community. As the new Abbot of a monastery, Benedict emphasizes discipline and obedience. He teaches others the faith and strives to remain open to God's will, whether that calls for leadership or a life of solitude.

Moments of intensity include monks rebelling against Saint Benedict and plotting to poison him. The episode also portrays some challenges of the spiritual life. It touches on the waning fervor among monks, which may require explanation from parents teaching the importance of faithfulness.


Saint Benedict: Episode Three
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