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Saint Benedict: Episode Four

Saint Benedict: Episode Four


Saint Benedict: Episode Four

🗺️ Saint Benedict - Episode Four: The Poison Cup

As the reluctant new abbot of the Monastery of Vicovera, Benedict is shocked at his monks’ laziness and lack of self-control. He proposes new rules to them and a holy way of life, but the monks have another plan! Will Benedict survive their murderous plot? Or will he die a martyr at the hands of his own monastic brothers?

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Age 7+
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The episode showcases Benedict's faith and moral courage. A plot to poison him is stopped through miraculous divine intervention. It emphasizes the power of community, as Romanus, Constantius, Lesius, and Valdius come together to support Benedict. The importance of role models and teachers is highlighted with Maurus and Placidus asking Saint Benedict to teach him.

Elements of intensity include Saint Benedict facing a life-threatening conspiracy from his own monks. They intended to poison him, adding a layer of tension and danger to the story. They are shown betraying their vocations and deceiving others. Benedict decides to leave the monastery, introducing themes of isolation and abandonment which could be intense for younger listeners.


Saint Benedict: Episode Four
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