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Saint Benedict: Episode Five

Saint Benedict: Episode Five


Saint Benedict: Episode Five

🗺️Saint Benedict - Episode Five: Another Leavetaking

The monastery at Subiaco has flourished for ten years. But a local priest grows jealous of Benedict’s growing reputation. As Benedict and his monks build a community of faith, Father Florentius will stop at nothing to destroy their monastery. Will Benedict be able to protect his monks from destruction? Or will evil strike yet again?

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Age 7+
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This episode emphasizes the importance of community and faith, as Benedict leads his community to consecrate pagan lands and establish a home where they might seek God. Prayer and faith in God are recurring themes that guide the characters through challenges. Simple, humble service to God and fellow men is depicted as positive and trustworthy. Benedict’s life is saved by the miracle of a crow stealing the bread.

Some elements of intensity include Father Florentius’ jealousy of Benedict. He lies about Benedict to Maurus and Placidus. There is an attempted poisoning of Benedict via a loaf of bread. The pagan statues are torn down and the monks talk about retrieving the land from demons for God. A prayer of exorcism is said by Benedict as he blesses the land.


Saint Benedict: Episode Five
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